ImageProductDescriptionMin QtyPriceBuy
Vegan lunch pack2 x baby rolls woth gourmet vegan fillings (v)(df)(vg) 2 x superfood balls (v)(gf)(df)(vg)1$14.85
Vegan tea packBlueberries, honey, vanilla, almond milk and chia seeds pot – 90ml (v)(gf)(df)(vg) Seasonal fresh fruit …1$8.45
Vegan kick start packJuju Bircher muesli pot – 90ml (v)(gf)(df)(vg) Mini Gluten Free slider with mushroom, capsicum relish …1$9.90
Super vegan pack2 x Superfood ball (v)(gf)(df)(vg) Vanilla, blueberry and chia pot topped with Juju trail mix – …1$9.90
Superfood ballDates, nuts and honey rolled in a ball covered in dark chocolate and coconut (v)(gf)(df)(vg)6$2.20
Dietary sweet slicesTriple chocolate brownie – All the flavours of a regular chocolate brownie without the gluten (gf) …1$3.40$4.80
Individual everyday fresh seasonal fruit cupLocal seasonal fresh fruits cut in small pieces presented in a sealed cup (v)(gf)(df)(vg)6$7.20
Individual mixed nuts cupAlmonds, cashews, walnuts, pepitas, sultanas, dried apricots and cranberries presented in a sealed cup (v)(gf)(df)(vg)6$4.90
Dietary salad box - 26ozHearty salads for the health conscious without comprimising quality and taste1$14.85$18.85
Hot boxed mealsPresented in a 26oz noodle box with wooden fork and napkin Minimum 15 serves per …15$15.80$17.90