ImageProductDescriptionMin QtyPriceBuy
Traditional sandwiches - 1.5 servesDark rye and white sandwich bread with gourmet fillings and seasonal leaves cut in half …6$11.70
French Baguette - 1.5 servesCrusty French baguette generously filled with premium ingredients presented in a sealed individual box 1.5 serves …6$14.85
Baby rolls - 3 rollsMixed baby rolls with gourmet fillings presented in a sealed individual box 3 rolls per person6$16.80
Lebanese wrapLebanese flat bread wrap generously filled with premium ingredients and cut in 3 pieces presented in …6$11.25
Individually wrapped gluten free sandwich - 1 serve‘Shepherds’ soft gluten free loaf with our beautiful gluten free fillings cut in 2 presented …1$9.40

Sandwich Catering Platters Across Sydney

Often overlooked and underestimated, JuJu’s gives the humble sandwich the spotlight it deserves with our gourmet food platters available for delivery anywhere in Sydney.

The Perfect Lunch

The ultimate convenience food, sandwiches are often pushed aside in favour of fancier meal options and only turned to as a last minute quick fix. Our Sandwich catering philosophy is not to be known as a caterer with the same boring sandwich platters Sydney has already experienced, so our goal is to keep them always exciting and different for even the most discerning of palates in all situations – even breakfast platters. We include all of the traditional favourites along with some of our bestselling combinations, ensuring all of your guest’s leave satisfied and wanting more…..

“The best Sandwich!” is often over-heard amongst our clients when enjoying our delectable and elegant offerings. JuJu Catering will change the way you think about this lunchbox staple, as our sandwich catering comes with gourmet fillings and quality bread to satisfy every sandwich preference.

Our sandwich platters are Sydney’s perennial favourites around offices and make a great catering addition to more casual social and corporate events.

A leading provider of Sydney’s Food Platters

Whether you want some elegant chicken, lemon and dill finger sandwiches to compliment your afternoon tea spread or a rustic sourdough door stopper to keep you full after enjoying one of our breakfast platters, JuJu Catering can provide. Our sandwich options range from a wide variety of fresh, inspired and modern classics on artisan rolls, rustic sourdough and soft flat breads. Like many of JuJu’s signature dishes, our sandwich platters feature fusion fillings and are made using fresh, seasonal produce.

Please refer to the small excerpt below:

Chicken chipotle with tasty cheese, coriander, aioli and coriander
Chicken with sun-dried tomato, pesto, aioli and mesclun leaves
Tuna with lemon, dill, cucumber, capers, parsley, aioli and rocket
Roast beef with horseradish, tomato, cheese, aioli and rocket
Ham, tomato, tasty cheese, Dijon mustard, aioli and mesclun leaves
Ham, dill pickle, tomato, tasty cheese, hot English mustard and rocket
Salami, olive tapenade, eggplant, sweet potato, aioli and baby spinach
Corned beef, English mustard, tomato, tasty cheese aioli and mesclun leaves
Turkey, Brie, cranberry sauce, cucumber aioli and rocket
Pastrami, tomato, tasty cheese, dill pickle and mesclun leaves
Shredded carrot, with sultanas, coriander, aioli, hummus and baby spinach
Tomato, bocconcini, pesto and rocket
Smoked salmon, cream cheese, dill, aioli and rocket
Tuna, artichoke, parsley, cucumber, aioli and rocket

Dietary Requirements

10% of all our food platters include vegetarian options and several of our menu options also cater to specific dietary restrictions such as gluten free (yes, there is such a thing as a tasty gluten free sandwich). We are also happy to create a custom food platter to accommodate dietary restrictions or style of cuisine, such as a corporate lunch or breakfast platter.

Contact Us For Sandwich Catering & Platters in Sydney 

For more information on our range of sandwich catering or to explore our other options for catering platters, visit our menu page. If you would like to discuss developing a custom food platter for your Sydney event, please don’t hesitate to contact us through our website or call 9560 0622.