Are you looking for a catering solution that is casual, relaxed and social –  while still providing delicious top quality food?

The Juju gourmet BBQ is definitely for you. Our team will put on an amazing display, cooking your barbecued meats and seafood to perfection right in front of you. Our Sydney based team source only the finest ingredients and will prepare a range of delicious salads and sides to accompany your bbq feast.

As wonderful as barbecues are, managing the cooking and cleaning – not to mention buying and preparing all that food can take a lot of time. Let our team come in and take care of the event from beginning to end – allowing you and your guests to relax and enjoy yourselves.

Menu options to suit every budget

VIP BBQ Pack – $53.00 pp (ex GST)

(Minimum 20 serves) (drop off only)


  • Salmon and avocado rice paper roll
  • Smoked salmon blini
  • Butternut pumpkin ricotta and sage tartlet

Atlantic salmon fillet, lamb cutlet, marinated chicken skewer, pork and fennel sausage, bread rolls, butter, and your choice of 2 salads from “Juju Favourites” and assorted sweet tartlets.

Chefs Choice BBQ Pack – $22.00 pp (ex GST)

(Minimum 20 serves) (drop off only)

Tender marinated rump steak, pork and fennel sausage, king prawn and chorizo skewer, bread rolls, butter and your choice of two salads from “Juju Favourites”

Salades – Juju Favourites

  • Thai Beef – Angus yearling topside, vermicelli, cucumber, coriander, mint, apple, shallots, peanuts, cherry tomatoes, red capsicum, bean shoots, with house made Nouc Cham, fried onions and lime (GF) (DF)
  • Spring Vegetable Salad – Roasted sweet potato, carrot, fennel, red onion, parsnip and butternut pumpkin drizzled with paper bark honey, olive oil and topped with toasted seeds (V) (GF) (DF)
  • Tunisian Carrot Salad – Roasted carrot, sultanas, fresh mint toasted seeds, honey and extra virgin olive oil (V) (GF) (DF)
  • Roasted Beetroot Salad – Roast beetroot, goat’s cheese, green beans, fresh mint and toasted hazelnuts with a balsamic raspberry vinaigrette (V) (GF)
  • Smoked Salmon Salad – Smoked salmon, braised fennel, fried capers, watercress, lemon and roast Chat potatoes with a horseradish and dill dressing (GF) (DF)
  • Mexican Brown Rice Salad – Tender brown rice, avocado, red capsicum, kidney beans, Spanish onion, cherry tomato, coriander, red and green chilli with seeded mustard and white wine vinaigrette (V) (GF) (DF)
  • Couscous and Cranberry Salad – Spiced couscous, dried cranberries, pink grapefruit segments, baby spinach, feta cheese, and roasted hazelnuts (V)

Everyday BBQ – $16.00 pp (ex GST)

(Minimum 20 serves) (drop off only)

Italian sausage, marinated yearling topside steaks, bread rolls, butter and choice of two salads from ‘Traditional Favourites”

‘Traditional Favourites’ Salad Selection:

  • Caesar Salad – Crisp baby cos, soft boiled egg, garlic croutes, bacon crisps, shavings of parmesan & house dressing
  • Greek Salad – Roma tomato, cucumber, Kalamata olives, Greek feta, red onion with a lemon, oregano and dill (V) (GF)
  • Garden Salad – Seasonal leaves, Roma tomato, red capsicum, cherry tomato, avocado (when in season), red onion, cucumber, continental parsley with a honey, mustard vinaigrette (V) (GF) (DF)
  • Roast Potato Salad – Roasted chat potatoes, rosemary, crispy bacon, shallots, cherry tomatoes, parsley and our yummy honey mustard aioli (GF) (DF)
  • Juju Waldorf Salad – Pink lady apple, celery, toasted walnuts, parsley and a citrus mayonnaise (V) (GF) (DF)

Alcohol Packages:

Juju Catering can organise all your beverage needs including alcohol.

Our alcohol packages range from $20 per person ex gst for our basic package which includes local beer, wine and sparkling wine
Or our premium for $25 per person ex gst, includes imported beer, premium wine and sparkling. We also include all juice and soft drinks within both packages as well as tubs and ice to keep your drinks icy cold.
Glassware, and bar tables, table cloths are not included, but can be arranged for a small additional cost.

Wait staff:

Depending on your requirements we can provide wait staff at $55 per hour for a minimum of 4.5 hours


Our talented chef’s will host your barbecue for $65 per hour for a minimum of 4.5 hours


All BBQ packages are served in aluminium foil trays for ease of cleaning up, salads and breads are served in our disposable boxes. All disposables eg: Napkins, cutlery, plates can be included, however please increase each BBQ package by $2.0 to include this in the price per head.


We offer a range of utensils including:

  • Insulated Hot Box: $15.0
  • Utensils for serving: $ 3.0 each
  • BBQ Box including tongs, scraper, cooking spray, oil, salt, pepper and paper towels $15.0 ( These elements are necessary additions when using chef on site)

Other BBQ Add on’s:

  • Trestle table – $25
  • Chafing dish hire – $25
  • Table cloth – $35
  • Branded Marquee – $ 110
  • Bbq with gas bottle- $135

To book your Gourmet BBQ Catering, call Juju Catering on 9560 0622.