Gourmet Barbecue Catering

JuJu offers BBQ catering with a difference. Our caterers can provide a range of barbecue packages including meats, condiments, salads, breads, desserts, and snacks to corporate and social events across Sydney.

Revolutionising the Grill

One of our country’s great culinary traditions alongside pavlovas on Australia day and meat pies at the footy, there’s just something about barbecue cuisine which makes Australian hearts beat faster. Any fool can chuck a sausage in some bread, but JuJu caterers go above and beyond your usual grill offerings to provide gourmet BBQ catering with a difference. Our menu packages feature innovative fusions of world cuisine made into fresh, flavorsome dishes that are sure to satisfy.

Menu Options

Like any good BBQ caterers should, we offer a wide range of gourmet packages as well as the opportunity for you to tailor make your own menu. From our basic ‘Friday Sausage Sizzle’ package which does the basics well, to a full blown ‘Chef’s Choice BBQ Pack’ which will indeed allow you to cook up some ‘shrimp on the barbie’, we have BBQ catering options to suit every Sydney event.

For those who are not carnivorously minded or who have dietary restrictions, many of our packages come with vegetarian and gluten free options such as our signature salads and tarts.

Meat wise, you’ll never look at a supermarket bought sausage the same way again once you’ve tried our pork and fennel, or beef and chilli offerings. In addition to all of the usual barbecue offerings of skewers and cutlets, our Sydney caterers also provide some serious beef with marinated yearling topside and rump steaks both available. If you’re looking for some BBQ catering with a difference, why not opt to ditch the snags for our chicken and lamb souvlaki bar?

Our BBQ catering does not include staffing but we offer an onsite chef and wait staff for events of over 40 people, and can also provide a range of equipment. For larger events, we require a minimum of 48 hours’ notice. For more information on any of our barbecue packages in Sydney, view our menu page or contact us on 9560 0622.